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Music to vacuum to one of my Spotify playlists.

27 September, 2011 00:06

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Test email post

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I should be able to post directly to my WordPress blog via email…So I’m giving it a try.

Adding new test post

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This is a test.

Rivendell cloud bank.

Picture of old Shell Station in Issaquah

Picture of old Shell Station in Issaquah

One of the funny things about the new photography in the digital age is what people are doing with all this computing power.  I never would have thought that I would find it fun to take pictures that look pretty much exactly like the subject looked to my eyes when I took them and change them to make them look old, faded and fuzzy.  This picture is taken with my iPhone 4 using an application called Camera +.  Within the program are filters and effect that you can apply to the pictures that change them in some way.  They might make the colors sharper or you can use them to lighten up the foreground when you have too much back lighting, etc.  The one I used here on this old historic landmark Shell station is called “Grunge” and it makes the picture look like it’s been through Hell (or at least the mosh pit of a Nirvana show).  I have another app called Instagram that make all the pictures you take look like they were taken with a Polaroid or Instamatic….or something.  It’s fun, but also feels a bit like cheating.

This is the water taxi we took to get back to our hotel

In Victoria, one of the more interesting ways to get around is the water taxi. You can get to pretty close to where ever you want to go along the harbor, but at $5 per person it can get a little expensive. It’s good to do once for the experience or if you are really tired from all the shopping and don’t want to walk all the way back to your hotel. (like we were). They look like toys and they aren’t much bigger than that either.